Mental Health

Mental health is a hot topic at the moment, and rightly so. Are we finally seeing an end to the awful stigma that surrounds mental illness? Are we truly beginning to realise that suffering from a mental illness is not to be feared or dismissed? We can only hope.

Mental Health is actually something of a misnomer, the fact is that ALL health is mental health. Our brains govern all that we do, think and feel; there is nothing we do think or feel without involving our minds and all the more so when we are ill. We need to reach the point where it is as natural to go to a doctor about anxiety or depression as it is to go for infections or worrying symptoms in our bodies. This requires a significant shift, not only in the way that conditions like anxiety and depression are thought of by the public at large but also by our doctors, nurses and other health care professionals.

One way to get there is to make sure we have a better knowledge of the signs, symptoms and causes of mental illnesses, and a clearer understanding of the truth that we are all likely to suffer one or more during our lifetime in exactly the same way as we will all catch colds or flu or suffer broken limbs etc.

How can we help our young people and children navigate these difficult waters? How do we recognise signs of our own children struggling?

Jenni has written about some of these things here, here and here.

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