Feedback from training sessions

Feedback from a session on Mental Health and Children:

“A really good evening which has made me more aware and also the importance of supporting parents so they can have good mental health”

“Helpful to see a variety of resources that can be useful”

“Really helpful and encouraging event. Good atmosphere and easy to discuss.”

“Very relaxed, well presented and informative”

Jenni has worked with young people in many different contexts from the age of 16. Having been in youth work training for the last 5 years in one form or another, Jenni has gained a wealth of knowledge about the theory of youth work including principles of good practice as well as some really practical resources to use in your youth work. See the Workshops page for more detail and if you’d like to know more, get in touch using the contact form or use the social media buttons to find her.

Vision and Strategy

For those of us who are Christians doing youth work it is important to have a vision and a strategy for the work we do. This is not to make our youth work more corporate or impersonal, it is simply true that unless a team has an endpoint in mind, they will never reach it!… Continue reading Vision and Strategy

Youth Work Theory

There are at least five principles of working with young people, depending on who you read. However broadly speaking these are the ones most agree on: Participation Inclusion Empowerment Informal Education Valuing the individual Participation is a key element of your youth work practice. If your young people are not participating in the planning, facilitating… Continue reading Youth Work Theory

Mental Health

Mental health is a hot topic at the moment, and rightly so. Are we finally seeing an end to the awful stigma that surrounds mental illness? Are we truly beginning to realise that suffering from a mental illness is not to be feared or dismissed? We can only hope. Mental Health is actually something of… Continue reading Mental Health