JOTS workshops are designed so they can be delivered either in short bursts of 1.5 hours or combined to create half a day or even a whole day of training. This gives flexibility to anyone wanting to book training. Each 1.5 hour block is charged at £150 plus travel charged at 45p per mile from postcode BN22. Please note: if you are more than 25 miles away you will need to book at least 3 hours of training.

There are several different workshops which can be mixed and matched according to your needs as an organisation:

Mental Health 101: under 11’s


Interrupted Childhood Development

                Anxiety & Depression

Mental Health 101: 11’s – 18’s


                Adolescent development


                Common additional factors

Mental Health 101: 18 – 25’s



                Link between mental health and sexuality and gender identity

Anxiety Epidemic?

                Why are we seeing so many children & young people struggling with this today?

Resilience Building

Equipping young people and children before crisis hits

Spotting Signs

                How do we know if there is a problem?

Coping with Crisis:

                How to support/where to go for help

Self-care/Stress management

Mental Health and Well-being: Parent’s 101

This workshop is designed slightly differently to the others, being aimed at parents rather than others who work with children or young people. This is a 3 hour session, or two 1.5 hour slots designed to be put on by churches to equip their parents. The limit of people is set at 50 per session. The charge for this is £325 plus travel at 45p per mile from postcode BN22, we suggest that the church either asks for a small charge or donations or simply pays the cost themselves.   

To book please contact Jenni using the contact page.