Mentoring for Youth Workers

If you’re working with young people, children or even adults then you are giving out all the time. You might have no two days the same or you might find yourself stuck doing the same things over and over without really seeing any movement or change.

This is where mentoring comes in: someone who you chat with one to one, outside of your working environment, who can listen to you talk about your work, ask questions to try and help you uncover why you’re stuck, offer connections or advice where needed.

The point of supervision like this is to encourage and build up, to allow space for reflection and time to untangle some of the thought processes and work processes which we can only really look at carefully when we take a step outside of the doing of those

Mentoring can transform lives from feeling trapped and stressed or running from one thing to another with no real direction, into lives that are rich with interaction, opportunity and encounters with the divine.

Jenni has more than 20 years of experience of youth work, including delivering programmes, mentoring young people, running and delivering training programmes and also helping people to make changes that help their work process and practice.

“I love to encourage youth workers and ministers who are new to the post, to help them find their feet and hit their stride. I love to work with those who need to make a change to their practices but are not sure how to go about that. If you are stuck, and can’t see how to change then get in touch!”

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