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Week 8 – the hardest one yet!

Last week was so hard, there was so much emotion washing through my head and heart. From the joy of my youngest turning 11 and the remembrance of the start of his life to the sadness of losing a member of my wider family on the same day and the stress and anxiety brought on… Continue reading Week 8 – the hardest one yet!

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Schools and The Great Return

if there is going to be any attempt to return our children to school (please God they will be returning to something that resembles a routine that only involves me at the very beginning of the day and at the end!) then I have some ideas about how this could happen that might work better than just ‘Everybody back to school, now!’

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Mentoring in a Pandemic

As I write this we are just a couple of weeks into these new ‘stay at home: save lives’ times: an effective lockdown situation in which we cannot meet with others face to face, except at a distance, not least because most places that would be meeting places are closed due to concerns about the… Continue reading Mentoring in a Pandemic

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Soothsayer: being a Mum of teenagers

As a lifelong youth worker and cheerleader of those working with young people I’d sort of expected that I would be prepared for the parenting of a teenager or two. Oh how wrong I was. Being the parent of a teenager is exhausting, terrifying, stressful and requires a widening of the tent around the village… Continue reading Soothsayer: being a Mum of teenagers

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Anxiety and All the Feels

Our brains are amazing, most of the time! Until they begin to get stuck in the same mode, dishing out hormonal responses to things that are not actually happening, for example for someone who has an anxiety disorder. For the anxiety sufferer the brain is working against them, sending their bodies into the wrong responses… Continue reading Anxiety and All the Feels

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Finding Joy

(with apologies to CS Lewis) So I’ve been struggling to reflect back on an important role I’ve held for 2.5 years and see anything positive. Until I was reminded that what I need to do is remember the bits that have brought joy, and acknowledge the mistakes without allowing them to eclipse the joy. I… Continue reading Finding Joy