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Sanctuary and Sabbath – youth work in 2020

It may feel like a cliché but it’s pretty clear that in the years to come historians will study this time we are living in now to see how different countries and communities responded to the various concerns that are currently making waves: Covid-19; the responses of people all over the world to the call… Continue reading Sanctuary and Sabbath – youth work in 2020

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Week 8 – the hardest one yet!

Last week was so hard, there was so much emotion washing through my head and heart. From the joy of my youngest turning 11 and the remembrance of the start of his life to the sadness of losing a member of my wider family on the same day and the stress and anxiety brought on… Continue reading Week 8 – the hardest one yet!

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Mentoring in a Pandemic

As I write this we are just a couple of weeks into these new ‘stay at home: save lives’ times: an effective lockdown situation in which we cannot meet with others face to face, except at a distance, not least because most places that would be meeting places are closed due to concerns about the… Continue reading Mentoring in a Pandemic

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Suicide Prevention – 7 things to do

If you have ever struggled with suicidal thoughts or ideas this might be difficult for you to read. Keep yourself safe, let others read it on your behalf. It can feel like a big responsibility to look after our friends and family who are struggling with their mental health. We might be worried about what… Continue reading Suicide Prevention – 7 things to do

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World Mental Health Day 2019 Suicide Prevention

The theme for this year’s World Mental Health Day is suicide prevention, there are many awful statistics around young people dying by suicide: it the second leading cause of death for 15-29 year olds globally. Every suicide is tragic and has lasting impact on the friends and family of those left behind. Something needs to… Continue reading World Mental Health Day 2019 Suicide Prevention

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Mental Health: What to Say and What Not To Say

There are more young people than ever struggling with their mental health, it can be difficult to know how to handle this when they are your loved one so here’s a handy guide of what you could say and what you should avoid saying. Don’t say ‘Oh everyone does that, I get that/have that’ If… Continue reading Mental Health: What to Say and What Not To Say

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Radio Silence – Static – Silence

Things have been quiet on this blog recently because I’ve been writing a book and fighting metaphorical fires. The book is on Mental Health and Young People in the Church and in the course of writing it I realised that what I needed was some reflection from young people themselves, about their own mental health.… Continue reading Radio Silence – Static – Silence