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Anxiety and All the Feels

Our brains are amazing, most of the time! Until they begin to get stuck in the same mode, dishing out hormonal responses to things that are not actually happening, for example for someone who has an anxiety disorder. For the anxiety sufferer the brain is working against them, sending their bodies into the wrong responses… Continue reading Anxiety and All the Feels

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An Ode to a Life in Pain

How awful it is to have to bow to the pain and discomfort I have in my body. I ask these questions of myself and God: how long is this going to last this time around? How many appointments will I need to cancel – both the necessary and the delightful? How do I continue… Continue reading An Ode to a Life in Pain

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Sustainable Fashion and The Gospel

This has been milling around in my head for a couple of weeks now and I think it needs some proper processing: a lovely, wonderful, well-intentioned friend said this phrase to me in conversation and it’s been stuck under my skin since, ‘People need Jesus more than they need sustainable fashion’, we were discussing the… Continue reading Sustainable Fashion and The Gospel

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Family Ties

A basic human need is connection with others This is unfinished and a little raw/unedited so bear with me, I am trying to get back into writing by taking every opportunity to write when the urge takes me! I’ve been reflecting on the nature of family this week in particular as we attended the funeral… Continue reading Family Ties