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Soothsayer: being a Mum of teenagers

As a lifelong youth worker and cheerleader of those working with young people I’d sort of expected that I would be prepared for the parenting of a teenager or two. Oh how wrong I was. Being the parent of a teenager is exhausting, terrifying, stressful and requires a widening of the tent around the village… Continue reading Soothsayer: being a Mum of teenagers

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The Hospitality ‘Gene’

Isn’t it fascinating how much is passed down from one generation to another? There’s genetics and the scientific building blocks of our body shape, skin colour, eye and hair colour, including in some cases, illnesses etc. There’s also the traits we have picked up via the nurture (or otherwise) of our parents or caregivers. I’ve… Continue reading The Hospitality ‘Gene’

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Suicide Prevention – 7 things to do

If you have ever struggled with suicidal thoughts or ideas this might be difficult for you to read. Keep yourself safe, let others read it on your behalf. It can feel like a big responsibility to look after our friends and family who are struggling with their mental health. We might be worried about what… Continue reading Suicide Prevention – 7 things to do

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Mental Health: What to Say and What Not To Say

There are more young people than ever struggling with their mental health, it can be difficult to know how to handle this when they are your loved one so here’s a handy guide of what you could say and what you should avoid saying. Don’t say ‘Oh everyone does that, I get that/have that’ If… Continue reading Mental Health: What to Say and What Not To Say

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Anxiety and All the Feels

Our brains are amazing, most of the time! Until they begin to get stuck in the same mode, dishing out hormonal responses to things that are not actually happening, for example for someone who has an anxiety disorder. For the anxiety sufferer the brain is working against them, sending their bodies into the wrong responses… Continue reading Anxiety and All the Feels

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An Ode to a Life in Pain

How awful it is to have to bow to the pain and discomfort I have in my body. I ask these questions of myself and God: how long is this going to last this time around? How many appointments will I need to cancel – both the necessary and the delightful? How do I continue… Continue reading An Ode to a Life in Pain

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Finding Joy

(with apologies to CS Lewis) So I’ve been struggling to reflect back on an important role I’ve held for 2.5 years and see anything positive. Until I was reminded that what I need to do is remember the bits that have brought joy, and acknowledge the mistakes without allowing them to eclipse the joy. I… Continue reading Finding Joy