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End of Week One – Stay At Home Save Lives

It’s fair to say that in our house, along with the rest of the world, it’s been a week of mixed emotions, there’s been ups and downs, tears and laughter. There’s a lot to be thankful for alongside the frustrations of self-quarantine/lockdown/isolation whichever word you’re using in your circumstances. The good: The sun has been… Continue reading End of Week One – Stay At Home Save Lives

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5 Ways to Help our Young People Find Happiness

Gratitude is an important weapon in the fight against all kinds of dis-eases of the mind. Being thankful and expressing it regularly genuinely retrains our neural pathways and gives us a more positive mindset which in turn enables us to have more resilience to weather the storms in our minds.  So, if this is our… Continue reading 5 Ways to Help our Young People Find Happiness

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Family Ties

A basic human need is connection with others This is unfinished and a little raw/unedited so bear with me, I am trying to get back into writing by taking every opportunity to write when the urge takes me! I’ve been reflecting on the nature of family this week in particular as we attended the funeral… Continue reading Family Ties

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New Year, New You?

Have you ever noticed that the mainstream media is obsessed? Headlines scream at us day in day out, forming the ‘wallpaper’ to our daily lives, and the New Year brings all of that into sharp relief. As if it’s not bad enough that our newspapers, magazines, timelines & advertising feeds are full of messages about our image or body shape or fashion sense all year round; in January this goes into overdrive.

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Finding Joy

(with apologies to CS Lewis) So I’ve been struggling to reflect back on an important role I’ve held for 2.5 years and see anything positive. Until I was reminded that what I need to do is remember the bits that have brought joy, and acknowledge the mistakes without allowing them to eclipse the joy. I… Continue reading Finding Joy

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Managing Busy-ness in 3 Steps

I’ve been busy. Not just ‘normal’ busy but the kind of busy when you’re not too sure how you’re going to get from one end of the week to the other and still be standing upright. The kind of busy when everything seems to need your urgent attention RIGHT NOW; the kind of busy that… Continue reading Managing Busy-ness in 3 Steps

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A Few of My Favourite Things…

This week in March is always a strange one, well, since 2010 is has been. 15th March 2010 was the day I was diagnosed with bowel cancer and my world crashed down around me. Now, 7 years later, I am always grateful for the NHS staff who helped me, looked after me, gave me space,… Continue reading A Few of My Favourite Things…