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A road in the desert

I, the Lord, do not change Malachi 3 v6 See, I am doing a new thing, do you not see it? Like streams in the wasteland and a road in the desert… Isaiah 43 v19 (own paraphrasing) God, who does not change, is always doing something new. This is a truth that fascinates me, not… Continue reading A road in the desert

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Christmas: My Favourite Time of the Year…

I often get my inspiration from song titles or sayings that relate to the different seasons I’m writing about e.g. The Most Wonderful Time of the Year, or I Wish It Could Be Christmas Every Day, or It Came Upon A Midnight Clear, okay so maybe this is not going to work as it usually does.

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Radio Silence – Static – Silence

Things have been quiet on this blog recently because I’ve been writing a book and fighting metaphorical fires. The book is on Mental Health and Young People in the Church and in the course of writing it I realised that what I needed was some reflection from young people themselves, about their own mental health.… Continue reading Radio Silence – Static – Silence

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5 Secrets Every Youth Worker Should Know

Alternatively titled: Let's Start A Revolution! 1. Young people are keen to be involved and all good practice promotes their participation. If your youth work doesn’t involve your young people in the planning and implementation stages then it isn’t good practice. 2. Work as a team, recognise both your own strengths and your team’s: if… Continue reading 5 Secrets Every Youth Worker Should Know

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Sustainable Fashion and The Gospel

This has been milling around in my head for a couple of weeks now and I think it needs some proper processing: a lovely, wonderful, well-intentioned friend said this phrase to me in conversation and it’s been stuck under my skin since, ‘People need Jesus more than they need sustainable fashion’, we were discussing the… Continue reading Sustainable Fashion and The Gospel