A Few of My Favourite Things…

This week in March is always a strange one, well, since 2010 is has been. 15th March 2010 was the day I was diagnosed with bowel cancer and my world crashed down around me. Now, 7 years later, I am always grateful for the NHS staff who helped me, looked after me, gave me space, listened to me and ultimately removed the cancer! I am grateful for friends and family who rallied round to support me and my family – I’ll write some more about that in another post. Here I want to create a new ritual, one that gives this day a far more positive feeling, something I might even look forward to next year!

I’m in the process of planning to deliver some training around stress management and one of the major tips I’m going to give these guys is to practice gratitude. Re-frame the events of your day, week, month, year, life around being thankful for what happens. And I can’t really believe it’s taken me 7 years to decide to do this because I do a daily thankfulness practice on social media, but I’m going to list 7 things I’m thankful for today. So here are a few of my favourite things that I’m especially thankful for today:

  1. Living by the sea on such a glorious Spring day
  2. Our home. It needs a good clean and tidy up but for now I am just grateful to have a home I can enjoy
  3. My amazing husband and boys. These guys make me smile every day and I love them more than I ever thought would be possible
  4. Beautiful flowers
  5. Turquoise hair! I always have a moment of ‘What are you doing?! People will hate it!’ when I dye my hair crazy colours but I’m always glad I don’t listen to that voice
  6. My faith which sustains me and helps me to make sense of the world around me.
  7. The opportunity to make a difference for others – whether that is a simple smile at a stranger or listening to a young person who is struggling – it is a privilege that I don’t want to take for granted.

How about you? Could you list 7 things you’re grateful for today? Big or small, it’s good to be thankful!


2 thoughts on “A Few of My Favourite Things…

  1. Today, I’m thankful for:
    1. Sunshine
    2. Spring flowers
    3. My husband for being my running buddy
    4. Being fit and healthy
    5. The plumber – he came and fixed our radiators
    6. The class I work with on Wednesdays making it a pleasure to be in school today
    7. The cheery “hello, Mrs Wheeler” I received from several children made me feel that I make a positive difference to their lives

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