The Importance of Friendship

My husband and I spent most of Saturday in the company of new friends. Having decided at the beginning of the year that we would make more of an effort to cultivate friendships with those we half knew, or didn’t know too well at all, Saturday was the day to begin this.

It was just lovely, to sit around our dining table, eating lunch together, drinking coffee, chatting about our kids (who were playing noisily in the other room), about church, about all manner of things. It made me realise how much we’ve missed that kind of afternoon. In the course of the conversation it transpired that we were both due to be child-free that evening, so we went to pub together – I cannot remember the last time we went out with friends like that! As an extrovert, I needed to be reminded that it’s in these quieter settings that good close friendships are created: it’s too easy surround myself with people and yet not really interact or gain anything from it. My husband is an introvert who handles making connections on this sort of scale better than being in a room full of people he knows well. It was such an enjoyable day, I’m looking forward to the next one!

As human beings, we were made for interaction. Even the most extreme introverts among us need company from time to time!

And the more we might be struggling with mental health illness, the more we need those connections.

If talking is therapy then spending time and chatting with friends can be like a breath of fresh air to a wounded, bereaved, lonely heart.


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