A Love Song to the Movies

I’ve been to the cinema this afternoon, on my own for the first time in a very long time! I wanted to clap as the final credits began and I’ve emerged humming a tune, tapping a bottle top with my fingernail and had to resist the urge to break into a few tap moves as I crossed the foyer. Can you guess which film I saw?!

For as long as I can remember I’ve been utterly entranced by the movies, as much as I am by story books *whispering* If not a bit more… Ssh, don’t tell anyone! My first, with my parents, was ET aged 7: I carry the scars of watching the scientists when they get hold of everyone’s favourite alien. Followed a few years later by another intense experience when watching Big – it had a huge impact on me, so much so that I haven’t been able to bring myself to see it a second time – this time with my best friend from school, we must have been 13.

Since then I’ve seen so many movies in the cinema, I’ve lost count. Only a handful were terrible, and many of those improved with a second viewing.

What is it about seeing a film on the big screen that captivates and enthrals us?

For me it’s a heady mix of transportation to other worlds; watching a relationship that captures something undefinable; immersion into the lives of those on screen so that you forget about your own world and wish you were in theirs; a good tune to hum along to that stays in your mind also helps!

La La Land, for it was that one I saw this afternoon, has all of that in spade-loads along with a magic sprinkling of beautiful scenes full of colour and life and a script that doesn’t trip over itself to explain every single thing that’s happening. I loved the scene where Keith (John Legend) has a conversation with Seb (Ryan Gosling) in which Seb doesn’t say anything, their friendship obviously goes back so far that words aren’t that important. We’ve all got a friend a bit like that!

This might be my new/old favourite thing to do, going to the movies in the afternoon, on my own. If I come out feeling like this each time it’ll be difficult to keep me away!


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