100 things I’m thankful for…

  1. Our home 2. My husband – life is hard and having him with me makes it just a little easier 3. My boys 4. My parents 5. My sister and her family 6. My beautiful niece 7. My In-Law family 8. My cousins 9. Living by the sea 10. Things that sparkle 11. Food in our cupboard/on our table 12. Being born in the UK 13. My health 14. The NHS 15. Faith in Jesus 16. Free education (more-or-less) 17. Friendship 18. Gift giving 19. A gloriously sunny day 20. And living by the sea 21. Faithfulness of God 22. Bright colours 23. Big skies 24. Work 25. When it pours with rain 26. And a roof over our heads 27. Warm clothes 28. Listening to music 29. My sight 30. Loving others 31. Singing 32. Creativity 33. Best friends 34. The enjoyment of writing 35. Books 36. Long-standing friends 37. Writing letters & receiving them 38. Youth workers from my teenage years 39. New friends 40. Photographs 41. Social media – when it works to connect me with others 42. Spending time with my boys 43. The ability to drive – not only having learned but also having the finance to run our cars 44. The radio 45. Those who love us 46. Opportunities to travel and see new places 47. Generosity of family 48. My physiotherapist who helps me manage my pain 49. My Mosaic Church family – it’s a privilege to walk with them and have them walk with us 50. Remembering those who have a special place in our memories and hearts 51. Kitchen gadgets that make life a little bit easier 52. Our lovely home: we bought it in extraordinary circumstances and even six years later I’m still thankful that we’re here 53. The chance to be involved at the boys’ school 54. Holidays with friends 55. People who know me well 56. Opportunities to make new friends 57. Skype 58. Films and the creativity of storytelling 59. Living by the sea 60. Visiting Cumbria 61. The enjoyment of baking cakes for others 62. My hearing 63. Safe journeys – especially in the last few years with my weekly commute of 250+ miles 64. The hospitality of friends 65. A husband who is practical 66. A warm home 67. People who challenge me and spur me to think in different ways 68. Stories that draw me in and paint pictures in my head 69. Family living nearby 70. Sharing memories of Great Auntie Joan earlier this year 71. My Dad’s treatment for prostate cancer this year 72. Family who live far away 73. New colours in our front room 74. Beautiful sunrises 75. A warm summer 76. The postal system – and real handwritten post 77. Imagination 78. Pretty things 79. The beach 80. The South Downs 81. Mountains and lakes 82. TV that takes you to places you’ll probably never get to 83. My boys’ friends 84. Those who teach my boys – and others too 85. Our neighbours 86. Light 87. Long daylight hours in the summer months 88. Twinkly lights in the winter time 89. Comfy bed 90. That my boys love stories 91. My youngest’s growing confidence 92. Breakfast 93. My body 94. The love and prayers of those who have gone before us 95. Those who work hard to service our lives: 96. dustbin collectors; 97. grocery deliverers; 98. doctors; 99. and teachers 100. My life has been shaped by faith in what cannot be seen, and yet has had a huge impact on everything I do. I am more thankful for this than words can express.

One thought on “100 things I’m thankful for…

  1. […] As I shared in last weeks post, one thing I want to take into 2017 is gratitude! I think it is so important to recognize how much we have , rather than focus on the negative. I am not saying to ignore the negative, it still rains! – but we humans are good at putting up umbrellas and trudging though. I want to dance in the rain (maybe even sing*). I have resolved that the negative I will trust with God and through it, shelter in him. This list was inspired by the wonderful @JHOsborn. Check out her list here. […]


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