Peace on Earth

Today is International Day of Peace and this got me thinking about peace. I find it easy to pray for peace when I’m thinking about war-torn countries or those living in other very stressful and traumatic circumstances but I think one of the things we all strive for is peace: an end to the second guessing our brains do (or is that just me?!); a silencing of our inner critic or doubter; to know that we are enough, just on our own, that we are loved, that we belong. These things bring us peace, don’t they?

As a Christian I am told that Jesus bring us peace, indeed some of the times I have felt this inner peace have been as a direct result of praying and trusting God to carry my wrestling thoughts and feelings. It’s like being away from home for a long time and then eventually arriving or finding home again, that sense of belonging and familiarity with people and space that leads us to call a particular place home, that’s peace. It’s like wrestling with a big decision about changing schools or which treatment we should favour for cancer or how to manage our finances and then putting that down, or to one side, allowing God to step in and feeling the weight of it lift. It’s like facing terror with courage; like finding a safe space when you’re in grave danger; like reaching the end of your tether and finding help.

So if you pray today, let’s pray for peace: for a cessation of war around the world; for those who are victims of terror attacks; for perpetrators of war and terror, as they need peace too; for those of us who struggle with needing to know the peace of belonging and being loved; for those who have huge decisions to make about health issues; for those who are grieving for lost loved ones; and for those who need a safe space.


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