After 2 years working as the Enable Course Co-ordinator for SchoolsworkUK & Youthscape I’m moving on, so here are some of the things I’ve really loved about working for Youthscape.

1. This job has felt as if most of the other jobs I’ve done have been leading up to this. It has been a great opportunity to do all the things I’ve really enjoyed in my working life.

2. Getting 17 students through and qualified in the 2 years.

3. Working at Youth Work The Summit last summer: I got to meet lots of very lovely people including Jarrod McKenna and Andrew Root.

4. Meeting the Archbishop of Canterbury. There’s a photo of us praying with Justin Welby in the toilet at Bute Mills!

5. Moving into Bute Mills, Youthscape’s new, wonderful, amazing building which is right next to the train track in Luton’s ‘Cultural Quarter’. It’s hard to remember that we worked anywhere else as this has become so synonymous with Youthscape!

6. I’ve covered at least 30,000 miles mostly by car without accident or incident, unless you count the train journey to our retreat at Turvey Abbey when the train didn’t arrive in Bedford until an hour and a half after the last bus which would take me to Turvey!

7. The retreat with Pete Wynter: of the 8 team retreats I’ve been part of, the one that Pete lead us on was just brilliant. Another retreat highlight was the tobogganing at the Milton Keynes snow dome – great fun!

8. I’ve met so many people doing amazing things around the country, there are too many to mention them all individually (and I’d be guaranteed to miss someone out!) but there have been Youthscape people; CYM people; students; schools workers; and youth workers from outside the UK.

9. My friend Joe, who probably won’t read this because she doesn’t do technology! We started at the same time; she befriended me on one of our retreats and has been a real encouraging presence for me as well as a good friend. I will miss our lunches together giggling over some silliness or other.

10. I’m still rather astonished that I got given this opportunity to work for SchoolsworkUK and all that has followed. I’m thankful for that and all the connections I’ve made through the work; all the opportunities to go to so many places; and the new things I’ve learned. It’s been a fantastic 2 years and I will miss it.


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