Introducing Jenni Osborn Training Services

Many friends have been asking me what it is I’m doing these days so I thought I’d use this blog post as a way of letting them, and anyone else who might be interested, know.

Having spent the last two years working for SchoolsworkUK and Youthscape as a Level 3 Lead Tutor, a job I enjoyed immensely, I have been in contact with work going on in schools up and down the country and in doing so I’ve noticed more and more that children and young people across the UK are struggling. They struggle to know how to handle the academic pressure they are under, they struggle to know how to cope with family life, they struggle to find their own place of belonging within their own peer groups and they struggle to cope when they experience loss. I’ve also read about how the UK has the highest percentage of self-harm rates in Europe and the reports that tell us how the UK is an unhappy place to grow up. This needs to change, doesn’t it?

What if, we could turn the tables on that self-harm statistic? What if, we could show children and young people just how much happiness and contentment there is to be found in knowing and understanding themselves and the people around them?  What if, they might be given permission and the language needed to express their emotions and their need for security?

My aim is to do just that, by equipping those people who work closely with children and young people in their everyday jobs: school staff, youth workers, children’s workers, counsellors, mentors, church leaders. By giving these people the tools they need to understand why children and young people are struggling, to know how to ask the right questions and to know how to help, my hope is that we will see the tides turn, that we can raise a generation of children and young people for whom self-harm, depression and anxiety are not the most prevalent factors in their lives or the lives of those they love.

I’ll be launching a full website soon, along with other bits and pieces. If you’re interested, get in touch – there’s a contact page on here or you can look me up on Facebook (Jenni Osborn) or Twitter (@J0_Ts_Co_Uk).


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