10 things to be thankful for Tuesday

1 Spring flowers: it’s too early I know but there’s something very cheering about daffodil heads nodding and blossom trees in bloom!


2 Life in all its precious, wonderous fragility and fearsomeness


3 Momastry: If you haven’t come across Glennon’s blog you really need to take a look here. There’s fierce love and passion right there!


4 Sistering: it was a blog post on Momastry that pointed this out – watch the video below. Sistering is a beautifully amazing concept in carpentry that we should totally be applying in our lives!



5 the thing is though… sistering hurts! It leaves bruises and marks on our hearts, each one as precious as those whose hearts and souls we have been sistering…


6 Making plans: I love a good planning session! Excited about some of the plans that are just in the very beginning stages at the moment.


7 Nacreous clouds: while I was on the way home from Luton I saw some unusual colours in the sky. Turns out they were this rare cloud formation.


8 Bake Off! I LOVE that Bake Off is back for Sport Relief. Watching a bunch of celebrities trying to make Paris Brest is THE funniest thing.


9 Searching for Sunday: Rachel Held Evans is a master at taking my thoughts from out of my head* and writing them down more beautifully than I ever could. You need to read this book, it’s fantastic.


10 Facing fears: this evening I have done the thing that I both fear the most and enjoy the most (total paradox I know!). It feels good to come home buzzing!


*Not actually, obvs!


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