10 Tracks of my Years


  1. Take Me Home, Country Roads by John Denver: a song that brings back childhood memories! Mum would sing this on our return journeys from a variety of places,


2. Papa Don’t Preach by Madonna: Mandy came to live with us just before I started secondary school and brought this Madonna album with her.



  1. When Will I Be Famous by Bros: these guys were ‘my’ boy band, becoming popular as I turned 13. I remember Thursday nights in the Cellar at Purley Baptist when I would sit in the Tuck Shop cupboard and watch MTV as it was projected onto the wall.



  1. Buffalo Stance by Neneh Cherry: this reminds me of another youth club, a few years later in Selsdon Baptist church hall when we were given some disco equipment and the lads used to put on discos every Saturday night.



  1. Friday I’m in Love by The Cure: this reminds me of hours spent at Esther’s house listening to music and chattering about all manner of things! My first introduction to Indie music.



  1. I Want to Break Free by Queen: the first video I saw that made an impression! Queen are still one of my all-time favourite bands, it would be difficult to pick a favourite.



  1. Saturday Night by Whigfield: a nightclub anthem from my uni days! I can still remember being part of a whole nightclub doing the dance.



  1. Tuesday’s Gone by Metallica: Jon introduced me to a whole new world of Metallica and many other bands that I would now say are favourites. This song was the one we had our first dance to at our wedding.



  1. Move It by Cliff Richard: as a child of a huge Cliff fan I couldn’t complete a list like this without including one of his songs and there are just so many that I love! This was his first hit and still sounds as good as it did back when I first heard it (check out the PINK in this video!)



  1. Can’t Get You Out of my Head by Kylie Minogue: Kylie’s reign in the music industry began as I became a teenager so she has been the background to my adult life. This one and Spinning Around are two of my favourites.



There is SO much other music I could have chosen, the whole film soundtrack thing would be an interesting one to do, or favourite pop/rock etc but I’ll stop there for now.


How about you? What would be the 10 tracks of YOUR years?





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