Things to be Thankful For in 2015: in no particular order!

1. The birth of our beautiful niece: she arrived in May and we have all been utterly smitten since then.

2. Our family skiing holiday in February: we went to Austria and a hotel that we went to 20+years ago. It was glorious and husband and boys have been totally bitten by the skiing bug!

3. Turning 40: we celebrated by throwing a big party, which was a lot of fun! Thank you to those who came and dressed up, it was so good to see so many friends.

4. Mum & Dad moving down to Eastbourne: after a few years of will-they, won’t-they, they finally did it! It’s great to have them so close (see the next point) after many years of not.

5. Having our bedrooms decorated, thanks to Mum & Dad: our lodger moved out in September (still missed!) and my parents threw themselves into putting some much-needed colour on our walls.

6. A holiday with the wonderful, fabulous best-of-friends Crowes: these guys are such good friends it’s hard to find words to explain just how important they are! To have a best friend is a truly wonderful thing, and Rachel might just be THE most wonderful of all of them.

7. Seeing Rachel & Jason more times this year than in the previous 10 or so! A different Rachel, this one lives in North London and we’ve been friends for a long time… Since I’ve been working in Luton I’ve stayed overnight with them for several Sunday evenings and it’s been lovely.

8. Three visits to the Lake District: my sister, brother-in-law and now gorgeous niece live in the beautiful county of Cumbria and I’ve been there 3 times this year – twice with the family and once for a work trip.

9. New beginnings with Mosaic Church Eastbourne: we began a new adventure with a small group of wonderful people in March – leaving our temporary church home to join Mosaic. This life of faith is rarely boring!

10. Five delivery centres and twenty-three students for Enable:Schools. Four more centres and nineteen more students than last year, which is AMAZING. Sadly, two of the centres have not actually opened but as Youthscape is a delivery centre that means I am teaching 12 of the 23 students – hooray!

11. I’ve read 53 books this year, one more than my goal! It was Bone Clocks by David Mitchell that really caught me – I was eight books ahead of the goal before I started that one. I’ll reset the counter for 2016 and we’ll see how that goes.

So as the new year approaches here’s to all 2016 has to offer: may you know joy in the sadness, light in the darkness and truly life in all its fullness!


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