Awe & Wonder

This time of year is often characterised as a period of waiting: not a passive sitting-on-your-hands kind of waiting, more like an active time of preparation. Of course this can feel frantic and pressured in the build up to the Big Day but it needn’t be. Perhaps what we should be looking for is peace, in an unexpected context, at an unexpected time but peace nonetheless.

We often hear it said that Christmas is the most special time when there are young children around to enjoy it with, mind you I think this might be said by those one step away from the actual parenting of those young children! My experience of being a Mum to young children at Christmas time is not wholly ‘special’ or perhaps not special for the reasons expected, and definitely not peaceful!

As I reflect back though, the Christmas I felt the most awe & wonder, the clearest sense of a special time was the one when I had a 7 month-old baby boy. It gave me a clearer insight into how Mary must have felt as a Mum, but most of all my awe & wonder came from the idea that God would become a human, that Father God would send his son, the Prince of Heaven, to earth as a tiny, helpless, totally dependent baby. God with us: not as a fully-grown adult, but as a baby. I felt stunned, astonished and totally awestruck.

Below is a lovely imagining of how that very awesome event came about by a drama group from New Zealand (the accents are pretty strong, turn your volume up to hear it clearly!)… As you watch may you came to an amazing revelation of your own about the birth of Jesus, and may you know peace that defies the usual understanding this Christmas!


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