I Have Time for You

These 5 words are the building blocks for Amy Crick from CYO in her chaplaincy role in school. I heard her talk about the work in the week and have been really struck by this phrase. How important it is across the whole of life; how much of a picture of God this is.


10 years ago a new couple arrived in our church, they joined our Life Group and I listened as she described trying to get her head around her new job. I offered to help. A month or two later this couple dropped in to share our celebrations of my eldest’s first birthday unannounced. Within the next 9 months I was working for the same organisation as she did and we were firm friends. Fast forward to today: 5 kids (I have 2 she has 3), several house moves, health scares on both sides, bereavement and now 160 miles between us but I couldn’t ask for a better best friend. All because we both demonstrated that simple phrase ‘I have time for you’.


As a parent I know that the most precious thing I can give my boys is time. To sit down and play with them, read with them, eat with them is to say to them ‘I have time for you’. They love it, I enjoy it; it builds their confidence and gives me a different perspective on their lives.


It’s been said before and no doubt will continue to be said: life has a tendency to get busy, I’ve noticed how strange it is that you can put an important event in the diary months and months in advance when the diary is clear and then all of a sudden you find that the event is crowded by so many other things it’s hard to keep your focus on that important event.


This happens with our faith journey too. We run out of time to pray, read our bible or listen to God (I do, far more often than I like to admit) because so much else is competing for our attention. What would it look like if we were able to say “I have time for you” to God? What would happen if we were to realise that God is saying this to us? There is nothing God likes more than to spend time with us, for us to spend time with him, not so we can get through a long list of requests, not so that we can find the answer to some life question or other, but for him alone. I don’t know what that looks like for me: juggling work and children too, it’s a challenge but one I don’t want to lose sight of or reject because it’s too difficult. What about you?


I saw this video recently which really demonstrated to me the invitation that God offers us. It’s beautiful!



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