Things I loved about YWS15

The Youth Work Summit 2015 happened at the weekend and as is my habit I’m writing out my reflections on what I particularly enjoyed.

1. The early day. This was the first time I got to the Early Day and it was well worth the extra time. Andy Root took us through the ins and outs of relational ministry. I could write a lot about this – and may well do! It was really interesting and very encouraging for me in the way I currently do youth work!
2. Meeting new people. Always a huge highlight for me, which is funny because if you’d have told me 6 years ago that I’d enjoy meeting new people and get a buzz from it I’d have laughed – that wasn’t me at all! But it is now and I’m excited about it.
3. Gathering with friends. There is a community feel to the Summit, which is cemented by everyone hearing the same stuff through the day. But also this being my 4th Summit I knew many people there, both old friends from way back and newer Twitter friends. There was a lot of laughter and it was GOOD!
4. Being prayed for by two charismatic Catholic sisters. An awesome experience. God is good!
5. Being on team. This was the first Summit since I began working for Youthscape and I was on the contributor liaison team. This was partly responsible for just how many new people I met!
6. Hearing lots of interesting stuff about the work with young people. There was the anticipated eclectic mix of nationalities, viewpoints, genders, seasoned Speakers and first-timers on a variety of topics. Some of the highlights were: Glen Scrivener ‘Stop Giving Your Life to Jesus’; Arjet Borger ‘A New Way to Talk About Sex’; Jarrod McKenna ‘We Wash Feet’ You can check them all out on the YWS website well worth spending a bit of time watching!
7. Young people. I love that young people get on the stage at the Summit. This year it was as Re:Verse and Uptown Funk by The Fitness Guys. Whether it’s poetry or crazy dancing it’s pretty fantastic to celebrate the artistry, showmanship, and creativity of the young people we are privileged to work with.
8. The hospitality of strangers. I stayed overnight with a lovely lady from Tonbridge Baptist Church; I felt warmly welcomed and had a great night’s sleep… Win-win!

All in all, it was a great couple of days


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