(Some) Things That Have Shaped Me…

Inspired by this post by a rather lovely blogging friend!

Going to India for 6 months

Gaining my teaching qualification

Marrying a man I’d known and been friends with for more than 5 years

Being diagnosed with cancer

Having a best friend at uni who was gay (and being the 1st person he told at Uni)

Studying Old Testament theology taught by Jeremy Thomson

Realising at age 25 that all the OT bible stories hung together and were connected to Jesus

Leaving teaching

Recovering from abdominal surgery, twice

Telling God I was prepared to do whatever He asked, and really meaning it

Becoming friends with the girl who is still my best friend

Realising that I am a networker, who loves making new friends

Becoming a Mum

There’s probably a lot more I could write but how about you? What has shaped the person you are today?


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