Ten Things to be Thankful for in 2014

  1. a brilliant family holiday in the Lake District with my fabulous sister and brother in law
  2. the rather wonderful NHS: two different occasions to be particularly thankful this year – my abdominal surgery in February and Solomon’s head injury in April!
  3. wrestling with God, I know this doesn’t sound like a highlight but I’d definitely seen my faith take a huge leap because of it
  4. New job for me, I’m ending the year in a job I really love & have a genuine passion for
  5. Bigger O learning the tenor horn
  6. Smallest O learning to swim!
  7.  Lots of safe travelling: this year I’ve been to Bushey; Manchester; Luton (a number of times!); Liverpool; Bristol; the Lake District; North Yorkshire; Essex; and Yeovil
  8. Family Fridays – since beginning this new tradition we’ve been: kite flying; conker collecting; blackberry picking; bowling; dinner outdoors; Wilderness Wood; and to the Christmas Street Market
  9.  The Happening youth event which began all over again in January. I love being part of this team!
  10.  Leavings and new beginnings. This is what has made this year so hard (that and number 3!). We have left the church we were part of for 20yrs and joined another. It has been painful and difficult but in it all God has walked with us and I’m thankful, more thankful than I think I could ever express, for that.

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