What a lot of Wonderful things about (this) Wednesday

So I missed Ten Things Tuesday… But turns out today is a bit of a humdinger so I thought I’d put some of these things down. Life has been something of a roller-coaster of late and I’m not quite on an even keel again. But it’s important to mark the days that make us feel more normal than not, so here we go with things I’m grateful for today…

1 Friends who are loving and supportive

2 a sense of excitement about new opportunities opening up

3 I’m going to see my very lovely extended family this weekend when I wasn’t sure I’d be able to (see point 1!)

4 Tonight I’m out at one of my favourite planning meetings – it’s in a pub!

5 The drive over to this planning meeting might be the most beautiful drive since I did the A303 at sunset a couple of weeks ago!

6 My beautiful boys and in particular Smallest O’s first sports day today. It’s such a privilege to be there at this important milestone.

7 My fabulous husband being both my champion and my counter-balance.

8 Having felt pretty low or on edge for the last 2 or 3 months in particular, I’m feeling more of a normal ‘Life is Good’ today – hooray!

What would be your good things about today (whenever you read this!)?


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