Ten Things I’m Thankful for Tuesday

I love reading these from Becca Dean over here and often feel like joining in. So here I am, joining in!

  1. My boys came home from a weekend away last night and I’ve enjoyed a very chilled out day with them. These are so few and far between it’s really worth noting!
  2. My weekend was absolutely lovely including a day wandering around Rye, a cream tea in a little gem of a coffee shop and watching Captain America. I’m more of a Thor fan really but I’m not averse to the charms of the all-American Mr Nice.
  3. I’ve had rather a long break from writing on here (still keeping up with Digi-Disciple stuff) but having the urge to write again feels good!
  4. The sunshine we have had for a few weeks now, with only occasional grey days, has been so good for my soul! And I’ll bet most of you reading this will say a whole-hearted YES!
  5. Related to the previous point – it’s a real pleasure to be able to hang washing outside. Line-dried washing smells SO much better than when it’s dried indoors.
  6. I’m late to this party I know but how good is Homeland?! I started watching on Netflix and am absolutely gripped by it. If you haven’t seen it yet I recommend you start at the very beginning – borrow a box set or whatever you need to do. It’s truly great storytelling.
  7. I’m genuinely thankful for many of the friendships I’m a part of on Twitter. I find it such a blessing that those connections with people cheer me, advise me, and console me. It’s largely down to Twitter and the connections I’ve made there that have helped me realise how much I enjoy networking and making new friends!
  8. Flowers. Since my recent operation I’ve had flowers in the house pretty much all the time. They are beautiful.
  9. I’m thankful for many of those who have cared for me in the NHS as well as to my friends and family have been so amazing over the last 7 weeks. In particular my fabulous husband, who has been such a rock and both Mums who have just stopped everything else to look after me and the boys in the aftermath of it all.
  10. The writings of Tom Wright in his New Testament for Everyone series. I’m reading the one on Revelation and I don’t think I’d have even half a clue about what was going on if it weren’t for his ability to explain and illuminate scripture.

There is so much to be thankful for in amongst the everyday and ordinary. And in being thankful it enables me to say: Life is Good; and God is Good.


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