Letter to an Aching World

Dear Humanity,

You might think I’m not here – I am.

You might think I’m not interested – I am.

You might think I don’t care – I do.

You might have stopped talking to me – I have not stopped talking to you.

You might think that I have caused too much pain in the world and in your life to be any kind of god – I’m sorry.

Truly, deeply, genuinely sorry for all the anguish you have been through. I don’t want you to hold onto that pain, that loss or sadness. In life these things happen and all I want you to do is give them to me. I am big enough, strong enough, loving enough to take all your pain, agony and sorrows; to remove it all and allow you to be free.

I am not a man on a cloud; I am not Morgan Freeman (although he represented me well!); if you think I am the cause of all the problems of this world I’d respectfully suggest you don’t know me too well.

Bring me your pain and I will give you comfort. I will walk with you through life and give you peace even in the midst of the darkest times of your life, a peace that is difficult to imagine but much needed.

Why? Because I love you: completely, unendingly, not dependent on anything you do, say or think. And when you are in pain, so am I.



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