In The Beginning God…

This is a post I wrote for a Digi-disciple series in January – I really haven’t done too well on this blogging front this year!!

My boys have decided that their favourite song to sing along to is ‘In The Beginning God’ by Phatfish. We sing it at top volume in the car, counting down from the high note in the middle to the start of the chorus again. It’s great fun and we get to sing some great truths about the God we believe in. This month for the Big Bible our inspiration is the book of Genesis and I get to kick it off! I have to say my mind immediately jumped to this song.


‘In the beginning God

In the beginning God created,

Life exploded

In the beginning’


Of course the debate about the creation story rages and at the risk of being absolutely hammered I’m going to just put in my own 2pence worth! I’ll point out right now that I’m not in any way an expert so what I’ll be talking about here is very much my own opinion, based on what I have been taught and believe to be true. If you’d like to disagree please do so kindly!


Creation: literally 7 days? I’m not entirely sure, on the one-hand the account in Genesis seems utterly ludicrous and totally outside of our comprehension. On the other-hand if God is not big enough to do something totally outside my comprehension, I’m not sure I’d want to follow that kind of God. So if God didn’t create the world in the way described in Genesis, I believe he could. And for me this song, written by Nathan Fellingham, points to something really key that can sometimes get a bit lost when we begin to argue: in the beginning GOD. Surely this should be one of the central constructs of our faith: whether the world was created in 7 days or billions of years, it all began with GOD. I actually don’t think the issue of creation is a matter of salvation: provided we can all agree it began with God, there before there was anything else, there in the horror and terror of history, there in ordinary, everyday and extraordinary life, there in everything that is to come. A God big enough to create the huge, beautiful, astonishing cosmos that we are a part of, a God big enough to mystify us about details, a God who became fully human in sending the prince of heaven to earth as a baby. Now there’s a God I can believe in.


PS: If you haven’t seen this latest nativity offering from down under, spare a few minutes… It’s a corker!


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