Affairs of the heart: a response

This year our church family are going to be working through a preaching programme called ‘Affairs of the heart’; we had the introduction to it twice this weekend just gone, accompanied on the away day by a session on circumcising the heart. It was a very uncomfortable day. We heard about how growing in faith requires an incredibly intimate stripping away of all that stands in the way of our relationship with God; we heard about how we all have those ‘hidden’ places that our hearts and minds go to when under stress or in need of comfort; and how of course those places aren’t hidden from God at all! As I said, it was a very uncomfortable day.

After some processing I’ve come to at least one conclusion: This Lent, I am going to fast from Twitter and Facebook.

There, I’ve said it. Out loud. Even written in down and told you all. So that makes it official. Eek!

The reasons are complicated and I’m not going to go into details here. But the plain fact is that when this was first suggested my next thought was: No, that would be too hard. And that right there is as good a reason as any!

It feels like God is working really hard on me and the Holy Spirit is bringing up some very uncomfortable stuff that I need to work out in order to grow in my faith and relationship with Him.

I’m not going to stop being intentionally thankful, having done 3 good things nearly every day for 18months it is very much a part of me! I will keep updating this blog (and who knows that might end up being more often than of late!) and if you’d like to keep in contact but don’t already have my phone number or email you can send me a private message on either Facebook or Twitter until Tuesday 13th Feb.

I’m also going to be doing this: because I think this is something else I will find difficult and that God is challenging me with.

It is a real privilege to have made contact with you, many of you reading this will be people I consider good friends, whether I’ve met you in the flesh or not. And I’m sure you will understand when I say that I need to stop my heart being pulled towards something that gets in the way of what God is trying to say and do in my life. I need hear His invitation to step out into the fast flowing water and stop trying to hang onto the reeds at the edge of the river.


10 thoughts on “Affairs of the heart: a response

  1. I believe that God tells us different things at different times and stages in our lives. I am on my own path at the moment, guided by Him as always. I am content with my life with God. Facebook is important to me at the moment as I have many friends in America and it is the best way to keep in touch with them and discuss the issues that are important to us, Will you have a transcript of ‘Affairs of the Heart’ as I am not at church much?


      1. valfmf says:

        We are also doing the same teaching series at OTCC, so you can hear Andy’s opening talk on our website

        [audio src="" /]


      1. Hi Roy, nice to hear from you. It’s fair to say that the fasting side of this adventure hasn’t been as hard as I thought it would be – although I do miss Twitter! The stuff which prompted the fast, on the other hand, seems a bit of a slow road to walk with plenty of potholes… My capacity to make real changes seems to be on a go slow and it’s painful at times. But God is with me, as I need reminding a lot! And that means I can do it…

        I’m aware that having said I would keep updating the blog that I haven’t, it’s not for a lack of stuff written, more that the stuff is still being processed and I’m not sure making it public will help just now.

        Hope you’re keeping well still xx


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