Quick health update

I thought I should let those of you who would like to know about the results I got back from the DGH after my colonoscopy.

They found nothing untoward, all IS well! And in even better news my consultant has decided that bi-annual coloscopies will be sufficient to keep the cancer under check. Hooray!

This good news for me personally is tempered by the poor health news received by a close friend for whom treatment is at an end and there is nothing more any of the medics can do to cure her. Having had breast cancer for more than 10 years now it seems that her time has now come. Nevertheless she will say I will praise the Lord.

Every blessing you pour out I’ll turn back to praise,

When the darkness closes in Lord, still I will say

Blessed be the Name of the Lord,

Blessed be Your name

God is good indeed.


3 thoughts on “Quick health update

  1. Helena says:

    I am very pleased for you Jenni with your young family to raise.
    I have been feeling it very much about Pauline, she has been such a support to me and Andrew, he had colon cancer spread to the liver and now the lung it is thought.
    He has an op to remove it at Guy’s in London in February. Kidney cancer has been my bane but I always see God as that big bird with us under his wing safely and whatever happens we will be alright.


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