All Shall be Well

Today I have been at the hospital. Not for anything other than a routine appointment, in fact a pre-assessment for the procedure I’m having next week which is ‘routine’. In all the visits I have made to the Eastbourne District General in recent years (and with 2 pregnancies plus major surgery having happened in the last 6- eek!- years that’s been A LOT!) the people I have come across have, almost without exception, shown me a great deal of care and attention. The more recent times have seen me develop a very uncharacteristic bundle of nerves, not unexpected by those who know about cancer treatment and follow up, but unaccustomed in my own life up until now really.

My consultant in the last visit with him told me that because of what the genetics guys found, or more precisely didn’t find, they will probably give me annual colonoscopies for the foreseeable future. He also ordered me a CT scan which I had last week. And if you saw any of my twitter or facebook updates last Monday you’ll know it made me VERY wobbly, mainly due to the nurse being unable to successfully put an IV line in. I tell you all of this by way of explaining just how nervous I was as I went to hospital this afternoon! I took my Bible, YouthWork magazine and a full bottle of squash fully prepared for however long I would need to wait. I arrived early and within 5mins my name was called. The whole appointment was over in 15mins and no needles – phew!

On arriving home I went upstairs and on the way passed a Lindisfarne Scriptorium print which quotes Julian of Norwich: With God all shall be well and all manner of things shall be well. For me this is not a ‘talisman’ saying, something I say to bring me luck; it’s more of a promise and yet, I know that simply because I say/dwell upon the idea that everything’s going to be OK doesn’t mean that it will be in my own little life. For me this tells me how big God is, how much bigger than any one of us has the capacity to imagine He is. That God holds us all in the palm of His hand, and not just us but the whole of creation so not only me, my family and my friends but also every single person alive on this planet as well as the planet itself, the solar system, the Milky Way galaxy, our local cluster of galaxies and beyond to billions of other galaxies (if you have a few minutes check out this Youtube video- it is staggering). If your brain isn’t boggling by now mine sure is!  And the God I believe in is bigger than ALL of THAT. So big that when He says All will be well, He is looking at something much bigger than little old me. For me this is a huge comfort, whatever life throws at me I can say ‘With God, all will be well’. And this doesn’t, perhaps contrary to what it sounds like, take a HUGE faith. All it takes is faith as small as a mustard seed.

Once again there is an ‘and yet’, this one says that God who holds the entire universe in His hand is interested in me, in the workings of my mind, in the decisions I make that effect my life and the lives of others and not only me but you too.

I believe in a God so big He can handle anything and one who loves His creation so amazingly that He invites each of us to be a part of His plan to put the world to rights, to make all well. And He should know how to do that!

Let’s join in with His plan: that All Will Be Well, and all manner of things shall be well.


4 thoughts on “All Shall be Well

  1. You have been brave and gracious (I, myself, threw a couple of quite spectacular wobblers when I was ill!). Remember the precious and fun time we spent with your boys that summer; playing, singing, eating, going to the park. Praying that All Will Be Well, and all manner of things shall be well. xx


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