3 Word Monday

I have had such a lot going on in the last month or so that I haven’t had time to write. Indeed even now I’m not sure what there is to say! I wanted to write about the children’s worship stuff I looked into, but that just hasn’t coalesced into anything publish-able. Must try harder! I’ve had a lot going on, a lot that God has been showing me and helping me understand. But much of this is still on-going and so I’m reluctant to share too much right at this moment. Sorry!

So, what then?

A friend wrote about Read, Watch, Listen and I got thinking about other 3 word phrases I might use. So here we go:

Eat If you know me you know I’ve been losing weight since my 2 and a half year old was about 6 weeks old. In the first 2 years I lost 4 stone (yay!), and then seem to have stopped. When I started I remember telling God: I’ll be happy to be around 13 and a half stone (having been over 17 stone at the time). And guess what? That’s where I am and have been for the past 6+ months. It turns out that it’s also the weight that brings me (a ‘large build’ apparently) into my normal BMI range, for a large-framed female! So the debate rages (inside my head if nowhere else): do I struggle to lose more or do I try to stay the same??

Live Of course, all this to-ing and fro-ing over weight is more than a little annoying; even if it is just inside my own head, perhaps more so because it’s just inside. I have always tried to keep my worrying about it down to a minimum, though this has resulted in serious gain previously! Aaahh, more obsessing. I honestly don’t think about it THAT much, it just feels like it. So living is carrying on around all the weight stuff. Living that includes being Mum, being wife, and being me! Baking, gardening (both now top of the things-I-like-to-do list, a change to this time last year), singing, cooking etc etc!

Pray The faith stuff continues to be interesting over this year. I started out praying that God would show me His path, one step at a time. So He has, just one step at a time. A friend recently told me about the ‘invention’ of a torch that can shine a dot onto the moon! His reflection on this was that the Bible only talks about lanterns, not mega-candle strength torches. There are times when God only shows us the pool of light immediately around our feet, so we can take that next step. We can’t see the road far into the distance, we can’t see whether the road is straight or winding, whether it is free from blockages or full of them. We just have to trust Him. And that has definitely been my story, not only this year but for a couple now. I have been keeping a prayer journal, (not very well of late but the intention is there!) in it I write out my prayers and bits and pieces of liturgy or verses that have been helpful. I have another book where I write the stuff I think God has said (this needs some serious updating now I think about it!) to me, either through stuff I have seen in my head or things people have said to me. For me this is a valuable thing: it means I set aside time to write, it means I have a record of my praying and God’s answers, writing gives me a discipline to the praying that I wouldn’t be able to sustain without it. It might be something that would help you.

My prayer for you is that the God who guides through rocky terrain would give you peace in your heart and the strength to keep going, one step at a time.


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