Ten Things to be Thankful for on a Tuesday!

(with thanks to a new friend who started me off www.beccaislearning.com)

1.       1. My family: 2 small boys who are truly delightful and a husband who loves me lots. Along with a whole load of other wider family who are fantastic.

2.      2.  TV shows that make me giggle: Friends; How I Met Your Mother amongst others.

3.       3. My food processor that makes cake-making a doddle!

4.      4.  Watching Veggie Tales: these guys have such creativity in making the Bible relevant to my kids (and other kids too!).

5.       5. Our beautiful house, made possible by a fantastic God and a wonderful Grandma.

6.      6.  Sunshine and rain! Our veggies look amazing despite the lack of rain, being a new gardener means I get as excited about the rain as I do about the sun these days!

7.     7.   My washing machine. Sometimes our other Grandma offers to do washing for us, whenever I thank her she says ‘It’s not me that does it dear, the machine does it all for me!’ I’m SO very grateful to live in an age and a place where we don’t have to wash clothes by hand.

8.       8. Grandmas. I didn’t really have Grandmas growing up, one died before my parents got married and the other went when I was small (much missed!). When I married my hubby both his Grandmas were still with us and took me on as their Granddaughter, it has been lovely to have Grandmas again and to have lost ‘Big’ Grandma a year ago is still a great sadness.

9.      9.  My job. Another one directly attributable to God (but then they all are really!). I love my job, despite all the frustrations of the nitty gritty, I know I’m where God wants me to be right now.

10.   10. The NHS and in particular the Eastbourne District Hospital, who have been utterly brilliant in the last year!

A lot to be thankful for, and plenty more besides. Phew, just about finished on Tuesday!!

2 thoughts on “Ten Things to be Thankful for on a Tuesday!

  1. Hello there :)Followed your link from Twitter – you have the same blog background as me! Always good to be reminded to be thankful for all the blessings in our lives :)Jowww.joroyal@blogspot.com


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