On a lighter note…

What a day! We’ve all had those random days when all sorts of things happen that have us veering from one emotion to another. Today was like that.
This morning I spent an hour in our prayer room and felt God speaking about a few different things. The unity of Christians for one thing; and our Community centre and its role for another. I was asked to do a talk at our youth club in their Ethics series and then went to work. Once I began lesson planning I realise something about God’s timing: it’s always significant! Now I think I knew this before but it has been re-enforced by the fact that this term I will be teaching about What Christians believe about Prayer in the week that marks a year since my cancer diagnosis. Man, what a week that’s going to be! The message to my husband revealing the enormity of this fact is greeted by a reply text message: ‘on a lighter note Grandma has just given us 3kg of liquorice wheels’!
I laughed out loud at the sheer peculiar-ness of this. On the one hand real deep feeling about the cancer and God’s amazing timing (on lots of levels); on the other hand the idea of 3kg of liquorice being handed over to my hubby by his tiny Grandma…
As I carry on at work I am drawn to contemplate on the issue of what happens when a prayer warrior goes to be with her maker; where does that leave those she was praying for? I don’t know and my reflections haven’t moved me further on (yet). I come home and whilst on the treadmill Jon arrives home with the boys. Freddie has been sick! So half an hour of dealing with the aftermath of sick and putting dinner on for us and a friend who is joining us is followed by relative calm over dinner.
Having done all of that I then went out to gospel choir rehearsal and sang my heart out for a couple of hours. Love it.
What a day! What a mish-mash of so much, from one end of the spectrum to the other. I love how God is involved in all that we do, from revealing some of his infinite wisdom to us to the fun of 3kg of liquorice.

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