Busy, busy, busy!

Man, have I been busy this week; in fact I think this is probably the busiest I’ve been since the cancer diagnosis stopped me in my tracks last year.  A lot of work, (not all of that good) a lot of family, (all of that good) and spending time with friends too; then there’s Gospel Choir, Mums and Toddlers, food shopping, washing clothes and feeding small people… Phew! It’s no wonder I feel rather like I’ve been through the mangle this week!
Events of this past 12 months have made me more aware of my limitations. After the operation in April I had a period of about 3 months in which I could do next to nothing whilst my body healed. Having been a busy person before I was anxious to get back into all the stuff I had been doing and did so, rather too quickly! By August I was suffering again: still anaemic and boy did I feel it. After being prayed for I decided to stop much of what I was trying to do, to give my body time to recover properly and to try and prevent myself from taking on too much in the long term too. I found it very difficult to cut back but very quickly started to feel much better. And this week has shown me just how busy life could get again and how unsustainable that would be!
I am itching to do something more; especially as most of what I gave up was Church related and I believe that church members should be contributing to the life of the church, unless unable to. But I need to really find the right thing to get back into and to do it in a way that will be sustainable.
Lord, I want to be useful! And for a long time, not just a flash… So here I am Lord, send me.

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