99 secrets to life

I saw this idea somewhere else and liked it so thought I’d do my own version! It would be nice to hear of anything you’d put in that maybe I’ve missed…

001 Have faith in God
002 Belly laugh everyday
003 Build a snowman every year
004 Play with your children often
005 Say I Love You a lot
006 Keep learning
007 Take regular walks
008 Eat chocolate
009 Dress up as much as you can
010 Dance like no-one’s watching
011 Bread is Good
012 Wear odd socks
013 Salute the sun
014 Sing sing sing
015 Lick the spoon
016 Look for rainbows
017 Get wellies muddy
018 Make your own cupcakes
019 Read lots of books
020 Don’t buy cheap stuff
021 Trust yourself
022 Trust God
023 Wear Fairtrade
024 Drink wine out of wine glasses
025 Write letters to friends
026 Keep secrets
027 Make fond memories
028 Live in the moment
029 Get lost sometimes
030 Champagne is the answer
031 Have a picnic everyday
032 Smile like you mean it
033 Everything in moderation
034 including moderation
035 Respect your Elders
036 Pick wildflowers
037 Grow roses
038 Play music loudly
039 Speak to your friends often
040 Celebrate every birthday
041 Take a lot of pictures
042 Ask about your family history
043 Keep in touch with your siblings
044 Be neighbourly
045 Stay healthy
046 Take your vitamins
047 Drink good wine
048 Recycle with style
049 Wear clean underwear
050 Keep it real
051 Snuggle in a duvet
052 Don’t believe the hype
053 Buy new underwear regularly
054 Have deep conversations
055 Pray regularly
056 Share your chocolate
057 Watch the sun rise
058 Visit the beach often
059 Make new friends
060 Give money to charity
061 Cook for your friends
062 Play car games
063 Read your Bible
064 Say Thank You
065 Eat good food
066 Buy yourself flowers
067 Learn to forgive
068 Ring your Mum
069 Use words wisely
070 Get creative
071 Play like a child
072 Make ideas happen
073 Use good sunblock
074 Eat your veg
075 Smile if you’re skint
076 De-clutter
077 Don’t hold a grudge
078 Be generous
079 Hug a lot of people
080 Be confident
081 Take risks
082 Laugh at yourself
083 Eat and drink Fairtrade
084 Little stuff counts
085 Make an effort
086 Wear shoes that fit properly
087 Say I’m sorry
088 Go camping
089 Spend time with those you love
090 Walk barefoot
091 Star gaze at night
092 Know when to stop
093 Eat breakfast in bed
094 Get to know your spouse
095 Drink good tea
096 Only God knows it all
097 Paddle in the sea
098 Climb a mountain
099 Live a rich life

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