The Cyclical Life

Forget the 28 day cycle of many females and their households; ours seems to be on a 6-8week cycle! We seem to get up to 8 weeks of good sleeping of both boys through the night and then something changes. These last 8 weeks have been blissful, both children asleep by 8pm (give or take) and then asleep until 7.30am. Fantastic. Then two things: Solomon is ill and awake in the middle of the night, which is so very rare for him it shows you how ill he was feeling; and Freddie went away for the weekend. And since then we’ve had disturbed nights, so far 3 and counting!
Now I know a lot of people who have disturbed nights every night with small children so this is not a plea for sympathy. My point is much more about the cycles of life and how important it is to be able to say ‘this too will pass’. As I get further on in life I realise that just as nothing is really new, so it is too that nothing is permanent and we have to count our blessings as we go.
So we will be thankful that our children do sleep well generally; thankful that we have medicines which can make them feel better when they don’t and hopeful that this cycle of illness passes soon.

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