Thank Crunchie It’s Friday!

This week has been a LONG one! Always the way when you look forward too much… What am I looking forward to? A relatively child free weekend and the chance to sort out the loft and buy a new cooker for our new home. We’re moving house hopefully at the end of this month in half term, it’s all rather tentative though as we still haven’t exchanged contracts. It’ll be lovely to have more space but I’m in danger I think of the old ‘Once this happens everything will be better’ syndrome. I want to have more time for socialising, for my children and husband, for learning new skills like the aforementioned sewing! Where is all this time going to come from? Just because we’ll have more physical living space doesn’t automatically qualify us for more time in the day (though wouldn’t that be just amazing?!). These things I want to do will need deliberate programming in to our timetable, and I suspect it’ll be a little while at least before we get straight enough for any of it to start. Still, it’s good to have the goal and if you’re fairly local to us, watch this space for your invitation to be sociable!


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