Today’s another day

Today is a different sort of day. Today I am coping with tired children, trying to balance the need for them to sleep with the timing of the sleep and, with one of them at least, failing! I’ve also spent a lot of the morning at work feeling very bad that I didn’t get to Freddie’s first Harvest Festival. I comforted myself with thinking I hadn’t promised to be there and he probably wouldn’t notice, only for him to say ‘You didn’t come Mummy’! 

So much of life is about balance. Sometimes we get it right and other times not. I can only hope that my husband will forgive me for Solomon sleeping late in the day and therefore probably not being as tired as he should be by 7pm, and that Freddie will forgive me for missing out on the Harvest Festival. That is an endearing thing about children, they forgive and forget.


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