Did you know that 1 in 4 young people will have experienced depression before the age of 19?
Or that 1 in 5 12 year olds say that they are struggling with stress and depression?
Or that suicide is now the second largest killer of 15 – 29 year olds? 
According to YoungMinds, half of all lifetime mental health problems begin before the age of 14, and 50% adults with mental illness were diagnosed as teenagers but 75% of them received no help.

Born out of a desire to see all those who work with children and young people equipped to handle many of the issues which are facing our children today including mental health conditions like anxiety and depression, Jenni Osborn Training Services offers training to schools, churches and other organisations who work in this field on a range of subjects including Children & Mental Health; Emotional Resilience; and the benefits of having good Spiritual ‘health’ in schools. The aim is to equip teachers, heads of year, youth workers, children’s workers, church leaders to engage with the young people in their care who are struggling to know how to cope in this fast-paced, ever-changing society that we live in now.

JO-TS offers whole day (6hrs), half days (3hrs) or workshop length (1-1.5hrs) training designed to fit around your needs as an organisation.

Jenni also currently freelances for the Institute of Children Youth and Mission as their consultant Head of Further Education, and writes a regular Schools Work column for Youth and Children’s Work Magazine as well as contributing to the Concrete Online site.

‘I’ve worked alongside Jenni for many years, and have always admired her passion and commitment to see positive transformation in the lives of young people. She has a breadth of experience in understanding and responding to the needs of vulnerable young people in a variety of settings, and her warm and engaging style make her a powerful asset to any school or organisation seeking to motivate and equip their staff.’

Rachel Gardner, President of the Girls Brigade and Relationship Lead at Youthscape

‘Jenni, is great…she is engaging and knowledgable when training, but this is balanced with diligence, thoughtful presentation and considerate in her inclusion of the learners. I highly commend her work and character. You will not regret you decision to work with Jenni!’

James Fawcett, Concrete Youth Work, Think Tank Facilitator

“Jenni is an excellent communicator with both extensive knowledge and experience in youth work. She brings that knowledge and a pastoral heart to everything she delivers, I wholeheartedly commend her and her work to you!”

Rachael Newham, Founding Director of ThinkTwice